The Association of German Tool and Moldmakers (VDWF) tour of Canada and the USA

The Association of German Tool and Moldmakers (VDWF) was on tour of Canada and the USA while on their way to the IMTS 2018 in Chicago. They landed in Toronto and had visits with molders, mold makers, and stamping companies across Ontario, Canada and Michigan as well as some more relaxing stops at Niagara Falls. During their journey Hasco hosted the group to a tour of Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery & Distillery. David McDonald, Hasco TSE Ontario, and Jay Fidorra, Hasco TSE Northeast US and board member SPE-MTD, met the group and enjoyed the tour and made a presentation on Hasco brand values and provided them with some insights to the Canadian, USA, and Mexican markets.

The group enjoyed and informative tour of the distillery where they were shown and explained the distilling process and some of the finer points of tasting the premium Canadian Whiskey. Next the group enjoyed some of the finer wines of the Estate.

The Association of German Tool and Moldmakers (VDWF) eV was launched in 1992 by committed, pioneering companies in the industry.

The reason for forming this association was the conviction that a growing number of tasks are better handled together, rather than by the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises alone, plus you have more fun together.

The main focus of VDWF is the strength of German tool and mold making. Small and medium-sized enterprises have received the most active support since the founding of the association in 1992, and have been strengthened for joint future tasks. VDWF does so by consolidating and representing the many interests of its member companies.

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